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Five-Point Customer Service:
A New Year's Resolution for Business Success

As the New Year gets under way, there's no better time to reflect on 2012 and make resolutions for an even better 2013!
Why not resolve to create positive and memorable moments for customers that translate into more sales at the register
and gallons at the pump?

The five points listed below are easy and inexpensive ways for you to deliver great customer service and turn those
one-time, low-dollar transactions into loyal customers spending hundreds of dollars in your store throughout the year!

A Warm Greeting
No one likes to be ignored. Offering a simple and sincere hello to each customer entering your store will make them
feel acknowledged and welcome.

A Neat and Professional Appearance
We 're talking about CITGO-logoed shirts and nametags. These inexpensive items will help identify you to your customers
and make their visit more personal.

Helpful Assistance
Engage your customers in conversation. Smile. Ask them if they need help finding anything. Does your store have a daily
or weekly special? Are you raising funds for a community organization? Let your customers know about it! After all, who
doesn't like to take advantage of a good deal or support a good cause?

Fast Service
Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days; your customers are no different. Good signage, well-stocked shelves and
accurate pricing will help them quickly find what they need; and a clean and uncluttered counter makes for speedy transactions.

A Sincere Goodbye
Send every customer off with a fond farewell and thank them for their purchase. They'll remember your kindness and reward
it with return visits.

For more information on providing great customer service, visit the Trimark of Excellence section on
Click on the Customer Service tab to:

  • Watch videos on employee image and how to make a good impression with your customers.
  • See great visual aids showing the Do's and Don'ts of good customer service.
  • Learn about the customer service criteria you're scored on during each quarterly mystery shop.