Company Mission 

Tri-Lakes Petroleum, LLC, started in September 1974 as Alma Oil Company, Inc. We specialized in farm deliveries, motor oils, grease, batteries, and tire sales, and we were associated with Union 76 gasoline. Under the leadership of Jeffrey D. Plott and Charles Oke, we have grown into who we are today: Tri-Lakes Petroleum, LLC.

Tri-Lakes Petroleum, LLC:

  • Sells branded/unbranded motor fuel to retailers, wholesalers, industrial, independent dealers, agricultural and commercial businesses
  • Jobber for CITGO, Marathon, Clark and TL Wholesale petroleum.
  • Offers flexible, value-added programs to generate greater volume and enhance Brand recognition.
  • Offers site and image upgrade plans.
  • Monitors terminal rack prices, image and pricing aspects while helping retailers evaluate the profitability of their fuel operations.
  • Assists and supplies technological advances that help drive profit and sales.

We are committed to our dealers, employees, customers and Brands. Our staff is experienced in convenience store, grocery, fuel category, delivery, transportation and human resources. Let us do the leg work to help you Retain and Gain Customers!